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  • Set up complexed coating & laminating machine(Coater #2)
    Set up total multi cleaning machine
    Launching special hair-line pattern
    (DI, TH, CH, XH)
    Launching Embroider special hairline pattern
    Set up 3rd new hair-line machine
    Completion of 2nd plant and renamed to Headquarter & 1st plant(16-95 road, jukyeop mountain road, Soheul-eup, Pocheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea)
    Set up pilot machine
    Acquirment of Inno-biz certification from Korean
    technology & trust grarantee(INNO-BIZ 110601-00487)
    Acquirment of Venture-company from Korean small
    business administration(VENTURE 20110201207)
    Launching 3 dimensional hair-line pattern
    Launching real metallic type hair-line pattern
    Set up 2nd hairline machine
    Launching 2 dimensional hair-line pattern
    Set up coating machine(Coater #1)
    Export Hair-line product to Europe market
    Launching sales office in Turkey
    Established R&D laboratory
    Launching hair-line metallized film
    Launching hair-line film laminated with PVC
    Launching Hong-Kong sales office
    Set up 1st hair-line machine
    Launching china sales office
    Remamed to 'Seungjin Enterprise' and start film business
    Establish named by 'Seungjin Textile'