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  • SJ's hair-line product is made by only physical brushing & scratching method instead of printing & transfering method. Our specialized hairline patterning mechanism can express high quality appearance according to the combination & harmony between bright and dark light angle.

    In addition, our hair-line pattern can give more valuable appearance mixed with printing, metallization and laminating with another film. The main point of hair-line film is that the pattern effect can be changed by the reflecting angle of the light. It can show distinguished surface feeling compare to the printed pattern.

    It can also be harmonized with metallization and can substitute the real metal product.

    Therefore our hair-line product can replace real aluminium and real stainless steel product and express various different look and can bring the product diversification.

    SJ invented new mechanism to realize various pattern by brushing method in the world's first such like wooden, lattice, flower, geometry, high-density and transversely, cross angle('X'pattern). Various brushing pattern can be applicated to the field of steel plate, MDF, veneer board, Aluminium foil, Plastic profile, ABS, etc....

    SJ can supply new pattern & design from customer's request by new mechanism of brushing and coating as a result of our constant research for various basic materials. It makes us to be friendly with customer and supply really new and different product.

    SJ have prepared many various brushing patterns and already prepare to cooperate with customer based on high quality management. Please refer below detailed points for the quality standard and you can select pattern or request new pattern according to your taste.