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  • We supply a number of scratched hairline pattern for suface decoration of home appliance and industrial
    applications (construction, Injection molding: IML, IMD, furmiture, automobile).
    V.C.M(Vinyl Coated Metal) market

    V.C.M is laminated steel plate with film(PET/PVC/ALUMINIUM) which are combined with various design pattern and color. Generally GI or EGI steel plate is used as a raw material. Various film can give graceful look & various color & metal look & gloss(high gloss & low gloss) level on the steel plate to applicate to premium electric home appliances and This field is our main business area.

    The volume of worldwide VCM market is expanding every year and increasing over 20% on average. According to the market research, Korean local market volume has already reached 10 billion dollars and worldwide market volume has reached 50 billion dollars.

    Major steel company in Korea is spuring to expand VCM market and other major competing steel companies in China, Turkey, Europe are also increasing production volume to applicate to refrigerator, washing machine, laundry machine, air-conditioner, TV.....). But the quality level of VCM product must have strict quality standard and many companies have difficulty in entering into VCM market without its verification. SJ has been supplying hair-line film to the most of korean company by OEM system and can have reliable reputation in VCM field.

    Furniture market

    PVC sheet is widly used in Furniture market for a long time but most of government is prohibiting the raw material PVC cause of the toxic substance(=plasticizer and dioxin). SJ is supplying PET hair-line film to the market and PET is already improved & eco-friendly material. SJ is producing various pattern and design cannot perfomed by PVC. Our customer and potential customer can sufficiently create enough revenue by using SJ hair-line product.

    IML(In-mold Lamination) / IMD (In-mold decoration) market

    In-Mold item is one of the casting systems which are using transferring or laminating film to the substance(ABS or PS or etc) injected in MOLD. The film for In-Mold product can give high quality design on the surface of plastic products have complexed form. SJ is continuously researching and trying to applicate this field same as VCM market.